Smiley, more commonly known as Slime, was a pet of Caesar Clown. It was created by gathering and compressing the poisonous H2S gas that spread throughout Punk Hazard and using Vegapunk's process of Zoan devil fruit animation to bring it to life. It was kept in the Punk Hazard Burning Lands before being released.

Profile and StatsEdit

  • Alias: Slime
  • Origin: One Piece
  • Age: 3
  • Classification: Pet, Bio-Chemical Weapon of Mass Destruction, Zoan Devil Fruit User
  • Size: 150m (492") by estimate
  • Skin Color: Red-Violet Mass
  • Eye Color: Yellow
  • Alignment: Bad
  • Status: Deceased
  • Powers and Abilities: Sala-Sala Fruit: Axolotl Model
  • Weaknesses: Standard Devil Fruit Weaknesses

Power RankingEdit

  • Class: AA-Class
  • Attack Potency: Likely City level Environmental Destruction
  • Speed: Unknown
  • Lifting Strength: Unknown
  • Striking Strength: Unknown
  • Durability: Unknown
  • Stamina: Unknown
  • Range: Several Kilometers
  • IntelligenceNon-Sentient


Smiley, as its other name "Slime" suggests, was an enormous gelatinous red-violet mass that was compared to a mountain in size. Thanks to its Devil Fruit power it took on the shape of an axolotl with eyes, a mouth, legs, caudal fin and external gills. Smiley was able to subdivide into smaller slimes, however, the smaller slimes did not take on the shape of axolotls.


Smiley did not seem to have any understanding of its actions, as it continuously moved forward after being released and even killed some of Caesar's men in the process. It did know, however, that it was weak to water and figured out a way to avoid it, by propelling little parts of itself over the body of water. Smiley also responded to verbal commands from Caesar and followed them right away. However, Smiley sometimes ignored Caesar if it was interested in something else.



Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sala-Sala Fruit: Axolotl Model: Smiley consumed this Zoan-type Devil Fruit, which allowed it to take on the form of an axolotl. It is also what gave Smiley life and sentience. However, given its unique composition, it is very likely that it could only assume a hybrid form and not a full-beast form.