Fairy Pirates is an action-adventure, comedy-drama, anime and romance fanfiction crossover series that focuses on the heroes of the Fairy Tail and One Piece verses joining together for the first time. This wiki is inspired by FanFiction author "XFangHeartX". It is also rated M due to Violence, Blood and Gore, Language, Drug Use, Sex, slight Nudity and see some female breasts and buttocks.


Fairy Tail has regained their rightful place as "Fiore's No. 1 Guild" after winning the Grand Magic Games. Three months later, the new Team Natsu take on an S-Class Quest in another world. After entering a mysterious portal, they land on a pirate ship that houses a motley crew of young pirates who possess unique abilities and consider each other "family". Now, Natsu and his team must get comfortable with their new friends as they are prepare to battle an evil scientist who plots to conquer both worlds, as well as a few old enemies. Main pairings will be NatsuXLucy, LuffyXNami, GrayXJuvia, ZoroXRobin, GajeelXLevy and RomeoXWendy.


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This series is basically an immensely powerful verse with two separate verses containing many powerful characters.


God Tiers: Large Island level

Top Tiers: Mountain to Island level

High Tiers: Town to City level

Mid Tiers: Building to Small Town level

Low Tiers: Below Human to Small Building level


  • The crossover series was inspired by the works of XFangHeartX, along with the ending on the Grand Magic Games Arc.
  • The Fairy Tail series takes place one month after the Grand Magic Games and Eclipse Celestial Spirit Arcs, following Fairy Tail's restoration as "No. 1 Guild in Fiore", as well as stopping the Dragon Invasion lead by the Rogue Cheney of the Future, and resolving the Eclipse Celestial Spirits incident caused by the after-effects of the Eclipse Gate; all three in the Grand Magic Games Arc. However, the anime doesn't follow the main storyline (including the Sun Village and Tartaros Arcs), and instead focuses on a different view based on FanFiction author DD42.
  • The One Piece series takes place three weeks after the Dressrosa Arc with Luffy defeating Doflamingo, Sabo obtaining the Flame-Flame Fruit, and the Straw Hats gaining new bounties. However, the One Piece story doesn't follow the canon anime series and all twelve Straw Hats are reunited.
  • This story will feature new characters, including original characters created by XFangHeartX.
  • The series fiction design will be based on the Fairy Tail (2014) anime graphics and background, along with a few elements of the 2014-present One Piece anime.
  • Most elements (like techniques and character names) will be in English format while some will retain their Japanese names with literal meanings.
  • Certain elements of both verses will take place in the series like:
    • Romeo, Juvia, Gajeel, Pantherlily and Levy join Team Natsu during the one month gap in the Fairy Tail verse.
    • Zeref's last name is "Dragneel" and he is Natsu's older brother.
    • Natsu is revealed to be an Etherious after being revived by Zeref, and is said to be the future host for Zeref's strongest Etherious: E.N.D. (Etherious Natsu Dragneel); the demon's last two names was the dragon slayer's full name.
    • Most of Fairy Tail (including Jellal and Meredy), Sabertooth, Mermaid Heel, Lamia Scale, Blue Pegasus, Quattro Cerberus, Acnologia, Igneel, Grandeeney, Metalicana, Tartaros, Doflamingo, Law, Jupiter, Ace, and many other past characters don't make an appearance in the crossover series, but are mentioned multiple times by some characters, or be seen in multiple flashbacks.
    • This series also talks a bit about Juvia's past, including the death of her father, Thomas Lockser, and the hidden scar on Juvia's arm.
    • Sanji's full name is "Vinsmoke Sanji", as he is an estranged member of the Vinsmoke Family with some elements of his past explained.
    • Akainu attains his post-timeskip appearance while still wearing his pre-timeskip outfit.
    • Gray and Aika are the only characters to gain new outfits that becomes their "trademarks".
    • Gray doesn't obtain Ice Demon Slayer Magic, but acquires new spells to defeat/overwhelm stronger opponents.
    • Wendy doesn't obtain Dragon Force in the series.
    • Lucy doesn't unlock the Star Dresses nor summons the Celestial Spirit King, and still have her 15 celestial keys.
    • Natsu uses Dragon Force in the series.
    • Luffy uses Gear Fourth in the series.